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29 August 2010 @ 03:10 pm
An Exceptional Young Woman--Part 1/23  
Title: An Exceptional Young Woman
Category: Smallville
Rating: Teen/PG13
Genre: Friendship/Romance
Pairing: Chloe/Oliver
Warnings: AU, barely detectable OOC
Chloe gets thrown out of Smallville High, landing her in boarding school, or more specifically, the sister school to Excelsior Academy. What will she think when she meets the young Oliver Queen?

Okay, in my attempt to find a name for the school, I searched through a lot of saints. I discovered that St. George is the patron saint of archers, boy scouts, knights, and soldiers. I thought seriously about screwing common sense and making it St. George's Academy, but then I settled on St. Joan of Arc, who is more or less Georgie's counterpart (girl scouts and soldiers) and decided to conform to the tradition of naming all-girls' schools after women.

Still, I think if there were a patron saint of superheroes, St. George would have it in the bag.


Why me?

It was the only thing she could think of as she looked up at St. Joan's Academy for "Exceptional Young Women."

How on earth had this happened to her?

Her mind flashed back to the past few months at Smallville High. She'd barely been editor of the Torch for a week and then WHAM! She gets expelled.

One teensy little article about meteor rocks and the principle throws her out on her hide. Of course, after he expelled her, she did a little research and realized the principle's son was an extremely likely candidate for a "meteor freak." Apparently she had hit a nerve.

Which was what she wanted to do, right?

She sighed. Yes. Minus the part where it got her thrown out of high school.

Next thing she knows she's being recruited by this ridiculous high society school and her dad's saying "Maybe boarding school would be just the thing for you," and then they're offering her a full ride because of her writing skills and now she was here.

Had it really happened that quickly? Was she seriously here? She closed her eyes and stood still for a good minute. When she opened them again, the imposing stone building was still looming before her.

"Yep. I'm here," she said aloud, defeat in her voice. "I wonder how this could possibly get any worse."

She missed her friends. She wanted Clark and Pete back. Heck, she was even starting to be friends with Lana Lang, though who could possibly have seen that coming, she was sure she didn't know.

Well, Sullivan, it's a great school. It will get you into a great University and you'll work at the Planet one day. Yep. That's what's gonna happen, she reassured herself. Besides, just because all these plaid-clad Barbie dolls have money doesn't mean some of them won't be nice. It's better than being stuck in that one-horse town for the rest of my life.

But Smallville didn't seem like a one-horse town anymore. It seemed just about the right size. It seemed warm and friendly and comforting and why did she suddenly long for the sight of a corn-field? Just one!

She shook her head. This was nonsense. She was Chloe Sullivan, future ace-reporter for the Daily Planet and she was not going to be intimidated by a high school!

After all, she told herself sternly, maybe it won't be all that bad.

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Sally333chlavis333 on August 30th, 2010 02:55 pm (UTC)
Very cool idea! Love it! And that is hilarious about the St. George the saint of archers, boy scouts and knights! LOL! Yep, he's totally the patron saint of superheroes no contest. But yeah, St. Joan of Arc does work better for a girl's school. I like Chloe's voice so far. Off to read the next chap. Great job so far.